IMMUNE | Microdose Capsules | SPORE WELLNESS




Organic Mushroom Blend
100mg psilocybin per capsule
500mg total mushroom blend per capsule
25 vegan, gluten-free capsules

A quality organic psilocybin microdose with the additional benefits of the Immune blend. Spore Wellness has formulated a wonderful blend of organic mushrooms that promote overall immune system health. With 100mg of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms per capsule, a single capsule dose provides improved mental acuity while remaining non-intoxicating. Each capsule also contains the Immune blend’s reishi (ganoderma lucidum), chaga (inonotus obliquus), and organic ginger.

Reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum) include beneficial compounds like liver and kidney protecting triterpenoids, which help activate immune cells. Reishi mushrooms are also known to have anti-oxidant, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory qualities. Historical uses for reishi mushrooms include counteracting symptoms of asthma and bronchitis as well as to sooth digestive tracts.

Chaga mushrooms (inonotus obliquus) are a cold-weather variety that grow on birch trees. Chaga are full of energy-boosting polysaccharides and support gastrointestinal, liver and cardiovascular health. Chaga’s other benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer qualities.

Recommend Use: 1 capsule per day every 3-4 days. 1 bottle should last 3-4 months. Overuse does not improve benefits and increases psilocybin tolerance.


  • Golden Teacher (psilocybe cubensis) – 100 mg
  • Reishi (ganoderma lucidum) – 175 mg
  • Chaga (inonotus obliquus) – 175 mg
  • Organic Ginger – 50 mg